Edge bander FELDER Perfect 710

  • Producer:FELDER
  • Model:PERFECT 710
  • ID:10041
  • Year of production:2010

General description

  • – Machine frame made of electro-welded steel. Thank to ribbed frame the machine attain high resistance and stability
    – X-motion Plus Control
    – Power supply 3x400V 50Hz


    Panel with pneumatic valves centrally controlled. Additional air supply and valve for pressure increasing.

Technical data

Two feed speeds        12-20 m/min
Min. workpiece width  60 mm
Min. workpiece length 140 mm
Motor                          2,2 kW


Rotation plate for edge strip
Diameter of plate 800 mm

Guillotine to cut the edge 0,4-3 mm

Pre milling unit with depth control of cutters
12000 rpm, motor 1.5 kW.

Pneumatic controlled teflon tank 1kg for EVA glue
With synchronized spreading roller for glue applying and quick release system

Pressure unit with pneumatic control
1 motorized roller and 2 idle rollers

End cutting unit
with 2 motors 0.75 kW, 12000 rpm, pneumatically tiltable 0-15°

Edge scraping unit (top/bottom)

Corner rounding unit
Edge thickness 0,4-3 mm
Workpiece thickness 10-60 mm

Glue scraping unit

Brushing unit