General description

  • Return conveyor for elements to a single sided edge bander or any other through-going machine. The device can work independently or be synchronized with the feeding machine: in a way semi-automatic (standard) or fully automated and controlled from the level of the feeding machine (option). The innovative system enables to work with even very long workpieces. The machine works in the return system. The element coming out of the throughfeed machine, after being detected by the sensor, slides freely on the pneumatic table onto the conveyor belt and returns to the operator. This machine allows you to increase the efficiency of the production process, making it more effective and above all more ecomomical. The ergonomic design means, that the machine is extremely simple, efficient and safe in everyday work. What’s more, only one person, who manages the edgebanding machine, for which the return table is intended, is enough to operate it.

Technical data

Max workpiece length 2 200 mm
Max workpiece width 1 200 mm 
Min workpiece size 200 x 200 mm
Workpiece thickness 5 – 60 mm
Max workpiece weight 50 kg
Working height 850 – 950 mm
Feed speed max 28 m/min
Device dimensions 2500 x 1200 x H950
Device weight ca. 500 kg
Supply 380 V ; 50 Hz
Power demand 1kW
Compressed air 6 bar


Total length of conveyor depends on edgebander’s length
Working width of conveyor 900 mm
Max workpiece weight 50 kg
Working height 950 mm (+/- 50 mm)
Feed speed max 28 m/min
Weight ca. 300 kg
Power demand 1,1 kW