Single sided edge bander
IMA Advantage 70

  • Producer:IMA
  • Model:ADVANTAGE 70
  • ID:10070
  • Year of production:2008

General description

  • Workpiece length min 150 mm
    Workpiece width min 65/150 mm
    Workpiece thickness min 8 mm; 12 mm (with profiled scraper blade)
    Max. 40 mm (with copy function) ; 60 mm (without copy function)

    Roller material:
    – Paper edges & plastic edges: 0.3 – 3.0 mm
    – Veneer edges: 0.5 – 3.0 mm
    Max. edge cross section 150-180 mm²
    Max. strip cross-section 780 mm²
    edge height – min. 12 mm – max. 65 mm
    Max. top edge overhang 2 mm

    Feed rate 16 m / min

Technical data


Milling unit
for pre-milling or flush milling
Max. Swiveling 30 degrees,
with 3-fold feeler roller,
with 2-fold fixed point adjustment of the side key
with 2 milling motors
with HSK 25 recording,
Incl. frequency converter with brake function working in reverse,

Gluing unit
with oil bath gear with glue 0.8 l 60 mm high with quick lock system,

End cutting unit
for capping the front and rear edge overlay stand, pneumatically pivotable at 0 ° or 8 °, with 2 motors 660 W, 400 V, 200 Hz, 12000 rpm, with 2 carbide saw blades, including static frequency converter with electronic engine brake

Rough trimming unit

Multiple processing unit
for bevel or radius milling of the upper and lower longitudinal
edge, as well as for copying the front and rear piece corners.

Profile scraping unit
For scraping a top and bottom milled
Quarter circle profiles on glued plastic edges.

Self-scanning scraper unit
for removing hot melt adhesive residues from the edge area of workpiece top and bottom sides, controllable

Chamfer / buffing unit


Electronic control ICOS open TS