Brushing machine KLIMCZAK

  • Производитель:KLIMCZAK
  • Модель:JET 1300
  • ID:
  • Год выпуска:2019

Общее описание

  • Conveyor width 1300 mm
    Max width of workpiece 1250 mm
    Max length of workpiece 200 mm
    Max height of workpiece 150 mm
    Roller drive motor 1,1 kW
    Conveyor drive motor controlled by inverter
    Roller diameter Ø 50 mm
    Brushes drive motor 2 x 0,18 kW
    Brushes feed speed constant
    Brush raising manual
    Brushes positioning indicator pitch in mm
    Fibres length 16 mm
    Suction hood 2 x Ø 80 mm, 2 x 25 m3/h
    Supply 380 V, 50 Hz
    Compressed air 6 bar

Технические данные

Brushing machine KLIMCZAK for automatic cleaning and dust collecting. The principle of operation is based on lateral movement, relative to the movement of the cleaned elements and specially constructed linear brushes. These brushes are automatically soaked in liquid for better cleaning performance. Cleaning elements mounted on transport tables at the top and bottom. Brushing machine is equipped with an integrated pump connected to the liquid container. Lateral movement of brushes from edge to edge of the panel. Side of the machine – left. Micro-humidification of linear brushes for perfect cleaning to additionally eliminate electrostatic charges, increasing the effectiveness.

Control panel equipped with a main switch and feed parameters adjustment.
Control panel can be equipped with touch screen (optional)