General description

  • KLIMCZAK hot presses are made of the highest quality steel. The solid and massive construction makes our presses stand out from the competition. Many application possibilities, depending on the equipment, can cover flat surfaces with laminate, foil or veneer. The structure of the movable and fixed platen is created from beams connected on precise templates and machined on numerically controlled machines. This guarantees that both platen surfaces are perfectly equal.
    The press is equipped with a guide system with a rack and pinion mechanism, which guarantees linear movement during platens opening and closing. It has massive drilled platens made of 42 mm thick steel which are covered with a special, stretched MYLAR polyester film. Optionally, they can be covered with aluminium or stainless steel. Platens can be heated by water or oil with electric boiler.

Technical data

Platen dimensions  3100 x 1300 x 42 mm
Working pressure  120 ton
Cylinder diameter  Ø 85 mm
No of cylinders  10
Opening of platens  300 mm
Motor  5,5 kW


Different models i.e. different platen dimensions, working pressure – on request.